The New Frontier

Red rocks in American West

Ever hear of a “land grab?”

That’s a colorful way of describing people grabbing a scarce resource, quickly.

Think about pioneers staking their homestead claims in the western USA prairies. Or discovering gold, silver, or oil… and protecting it.

Old ways of creating wealth typically involved physical resources such as land, precious metals, or controlling labor of large numbers of people. All these were dependent on exterior items and required large amounts of money or time. And the value was based on the scarcity of the resource.

In contrast, modern-day wealth tends to come from inside the individual and is readily accessible. I’m speaking of intellectual property, which is developed from the imagination– an ever-replenishing resource. The Harry Potter phenomenon, selling web site names, programming smartphone apps, to name a few.

As more intellectual property is created and marketed, it continually re-triggers the insatiable human desire for the “new and shiny.” Its value is based on newness or degree of creativity.

Because it is based on a limitless resource, such modern-day financial prosperity is truly unlimited… and is accessible to you.

Are you staking your claim in the new frontier?

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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