FROM home or ON the home?

A common source of friction ….

working from home and your spouse wonders why the house isn’t clean by evening!

Dirty dishes in the sink

I have told my husband many times, “During the day I work FROM home, not ON our home.”

To be productive in my at-home office, I must do business activities during my chosen business hours. So we worked out a compromise: I found out what bugs him the most about a messy house when he comes home from work.

Answer: dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter.

So at 5pm, I pause my business activities and make sure I tidy up the kitchen.

(by the way, he cooks all his meals or eats out… how we arranged that is the topic for a future post!… and yes, many spouses cannot afford or are unwilling to do that. I understand.)

One additional idea: one day every other week, I take the afternoon to run errands that must be run during the day.

Regardless of your situation, consider how you can make blocks of time for working FROM home and blocks for working ON the home. Each day might have a helping of both, and that’s OK.

One of the beautiful benefits of a network marketing business is… you get to set your schedule. So make it work for you.

To Your Success,

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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