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Can an overactive imagination make you successful?

My sponsor once observed that

I tend to focus on the negative–

on finding and fixing the flaws that would prevent success.

(I attribute it to my engineering training… assume the vehicle will launch successfully because you have eliminated everything that COULD go wrong. Or know how to fix it if it DOES. Or you have backup systems to handle a flaw. Because many hours were spent on guessing and predicting “what COULD go wrong.” )

Years later, in my network marketing business, my imagination can run away from me, wondering what “she” will say, what “he” will do, the challenging logistics of people coming together in the right combinations… in other words, cooking up all types of ways this could fail!

In contrast,

most personal development literature concentrates on the positive– what is going right and the rosy future–  and seems to ignore or “wish away” those stumbling blocks.

Which seems ignorant and foolish to many technically-trained people.

How to bridge the gap?

Let your strong sense of awareness and active mind work in your favor. Become an “inverse paranoid”. Check out this video!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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The Harsh Truth

1) Where are American corporations hiring?

2) Are you addicted to ________?

3) and why would a multimillionaire endorse network marketing?

Watch Eric Worre interview Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki (2 1/2 minute video)

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Happy Ultimate Pi Day… It’s a Math Thing!

Happy Ultimate Pi Day

(March 14, 2015 at 9:26am)

It was worth getting up early for!

Feeling Sleepy on Ultimate Pi Day

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Is the salad fresh?

stacked white buffet plates from SolidStockArt

Can you picture it?

You’re at a wedding reception, hungry for a healthy lunch, so you walk across the room to the chilled serving table. With plate in the other hand, you extend the tongs toward the first bowl… and realize all the lettuce has brown edges. Then you see smashed tomatoes. Brown apple slices. And as you turn your head to the right, you see every serving dish on this salad bar is spoiled. Nothing looks appetizing.

Something similar might happen in your business… when you talk to a certain type of person.

(maybe it’s a family member, friend from high school, or a business owner you met several years ago)

You earn your first bonus- they’re not impressed.

You rank advance to the second level– they tell you to call back when you qualify for the third.

Becoming a VIP is “no big deal, for a company none of my friends ever mention.”

No matter what your accomplishment is, no matter how far along the ranks you promote, it is never enough for them.

All they offer you is spoiled words, trying to deflate your sense of accomplishment.

It’s as if they want you to eat a plate of wilted lettuce and pretend to enjoy it.

Simply step back and walk away.

Because you deserve better.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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FROM home or ON the home?

A common source of friction ….

working from home and your spouse wonders why the house isn’t clean by evening!

Dirty dishes in the sink

I have told my husband many times, “During the day I work FROM home, not ON our home.”

To be productive in my at-home office, I must do business activities during my chosen business hours. So we worked out a compromise: I found out what bugs him the most about a messy house when he comes home from work.

Answer: dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter.

So at 5pm, I pause my business activities and make sure I tidy up the kitchen.

(by the way, he cooks all his meals or eats out… how we arranged that is the topic for a future post!… and yes, many spouses cannot afford or are unwilling to do that. I understand.)

One additional idea: one day every other week, I take the afternoon to run errands that must be run during the day.

Regardless of your situation, consider how you can make blocks of time for working FROM home and blocks for working ON the home. Each day might have a helping of both, and that’s OK.

One of the beautiful benefits of a network marketing business is… you get to set your schedule. So make it work for you.

To Your Success,

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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