You Look _____________

If someone gave you a compliment today, how would you respond?

Now think of a successful and well-adjusted business owner you admire. How does she or he respond to compliments?

Life Lesson Learned: By accepting compliments and graciously responding, I reinforce my prosperity consciousness.

Where do the comments come from? Conversations, text messages, emails, and other ways.

Let me ask you, if you knew you had to repeat the compliments, would you pay closer attention to that incoming praise?


Here’s how I do it: I keep them in a word processing document. Each year since 2007. No kidding.

2015-01-5 List of Compliments Files

Knowing that I have a personal goal to “repeat” the compliment when I’m back at my computer, I pay attention, then type it as accurately as I can.

Does that make me conceited?

No, it makes sure I consciously receive the compliment.
And the next step is graciously responding.

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–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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