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video: a Big Hitter compares job and network marketing

A fireside chat from Mount Charleston, Nevada USA…

2015-01-20 screenshot Jordan firesidechat Four Minutes video

Does your job or business own your life?

What will give you true time and money freedom?

Listen to this quick video from Jordan Adler (network marketing industry trainer and author of “Beach Money”)…

No companies are mentioned.

(full disclosure: Jordan is my network marketing direct sponsor)

Hear his insights on YouTube

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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Countdown to dinner

I was reading an article titled, “How to be a science girl in a Barbie world”

and it occurred to me… I learned many engineering skills through activities at home.

(I promise this post is relevant to network marketing… keep reading)

For example, as a teenager I used to prepare the entire Thanksgiving dinner for our family of five. Single-handedly.

crayon baked turkey on platter reddish background

My mom was the organist for our church, and for several Novembers during my teen years, she played the piano for the town’s multi-faith Thanksgiving Day service.

That first year, she announced her new role in early November and gave us a choice: either eat late in the day because she would start cooking after the service, or cook it ourselves.

I picked Choice #2 and threw my father and two brothers out of the kitchen.

Planning began weeks in advance. What to serve? How many burners would I need? When should the turkey be moved from the freezer to the refrigerator so it thaws in time? And when should we shop for all the food?

(hmm, sounds like planning and process-flow skills of Industrial Engineering to me!)

Cooking the pumpkin pies is another step. (can you say chemistry? and algebra for making a double or triple batch of batter.)

On the day of… What time should I wake up? What temperature for the oven?

And I relished the challenge of preparing the dishes so all of them were ready simultaneously. (can you say, countdown to launch?)

At T-1 minute, the cacophony of kitchen timers reminded me of tv shows where several police cars arrive at the same time, with sirens blaring.

Each year, dinner was protected from burning. And was simply delicious.

You may be wondering, what does this story have in common with network marketing?

Have you ever organized a home meeting or regional training event? I bet you needed good planning skills to carry it off. Keeping the soft drinks cold so they don’t spurt out of the barely-opened screwtop bottle… that’s chemistry knowledge in action. And coordinating a team of presenters and helpers to begin signing people in at the table in the hallway, opening the doors, and welcoming the crowd from stage, each at the correct time… those are the same countdown skills used in my former profession of aerospace engineering.

Negotiating, smoothing over any social stumblings, budgeting, dressing for the role… likely you have done these leadership activities and more at home, and even more likely on the job.

Look at the function of the action, not its title. I bet you can find many “portable skills” to bring to your network marketing team from your personal and professional experiences.

And it’s OK to leave your scientific calculator at home.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

P.S. My mom still wants to know the “secret ingredient” of my pumpkin pies… I’m not telling!

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You Look _____________

If someone gave you a compliment today, how would you respond?

Now think of a successful and well-adjusted business owner you admire. How does she or he respond to compliments?

Life Lesson Learned: By accepting compliments and graciously responding, I reinforce my prosperity consciousness.

Where do the comments come from? Conversations, text messages, emails, and other ways.

Let me ask you, if you knew you had to repeat the compliments, would you pay closer attention to that incoming praise?


Here’s how I do it: I keep them in a word processing document. Each year since 2007. No kidding.

2015-01-5 List of Compliments Files

Knowing that I have a personal goal to “repeat” the compliment when I’m back at my computer, I pay attention, then type it as accurately as I can.

Does that make me conceited?

No, it makes sure I consciously receive the compliment.
And the next step is graciously responding.

Want some guidance? Check out

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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