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Bail or Row?


Crayon rowboat on blue water

Think of your life as a rowboat.

You want to move to bigger and better things on the distant shore,
but that will take a while.

And as the rower, you are facing backwards
from the direction your boat is headed.

So it can be hard to predict how close you are to the goal.

If you row like crazy and ignore the state of your rowboat,
you’ll end up physically exhausted and your boat will be swamped.
Because all boats leak a little and require upkeep.

And the rower needs regular rest and good quality food
to keep up the energy for the long journey.

However, if all you do is bail the water that’s leaking in,
your boat will float peacefully in the middle of the water,
never arriving at the destination.

What’s the solution?

Do both.

Tend to the immediate and important needs of life.

Proper rest, food, and exercise. Earn money and pay the bills.
Regular maintenance for the car and person.
Handle the emergencies that pop up. Attend family milestones.
A little bit of fun. And say No to time suckers.

Also carve out time for business-building activities.

If you had a second job, you’d find a way
to show up on time and do your tasks, right?
So treat your business with the same type of commitment.

By bailing and rowing each day, eventually you will hear
one of the best sounds… the quiet and smooth ssshhht
as your rowboat gently slides to a halt
on the sandy beach at your destination.


–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

“I approached a friend on social media, and she unfriended me. What am I doing wrong?”

This was a situation stated in a coaching group today.

The previous commenters suggested reviewing the business opportunity outreach technique with one’s sponsor, remembering”Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Someone’s Waiting,” and possibility that the “unfriending” may have happened for another reason.

My reply:


some people feel threatened if there are differences between themselves and a friend. You are growing in prosperity consciousness and quite likely some of your friends are not. MLM removes the excuse to complain about “getting ahead”, and some people can’t handle that level of personal responsibility. Your list of friends will change as you grow, so add new ones who support your growth.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

Positive press from

Contributing author Robert Laura praises the business model.