Monthly Archives: August 2014

Do you have a “Bridge Career?”

Are you working in a job or business during the day, while building your network marketing business in the evenings and weekends?

That non-network-marketing line of work can be described as a “Bridge Career,” which puts food on the table and pays the mortgage (bridges the gap) until you can jump to your NM business as your only line of work.

If you have a Bridge Career, be proud. You are providing for your family while building for the future. And that’s a smart way to use your time.

Success Tip: Pick Your “Ick”

Are you avoiding dialing a specific phone call?

Try this: wait to do a task such as brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, washing your hair… something you know will feel unpleasant.

Once you dial the call, regardless of the outcome, fix that “Ick.” Immediately, if possible.

It’s self-motivation combined with a pleasant reward.

Works for me!

–“The Rocket Science Coach” ™