Thrust into Entrepreneurship, Part Two.

After attending the first trainers’ networking meeting, the phone was silent.

Bert and Mario both told me I had to be more assertive, and don’t take their word that they will call me. Get their cards and call them.

At the next month’s meeting I connected with Terry, who was opening his location of a computer training franchise, and needed to find the trainers for the range of classes that would be offered.

I was candid that I had no formal experience as a computer trainer, and I sensed the hesitation in his gaze.

When I mentioned my nearly-two-years’ membership with Toastmasters, he smiled and said, “Toastmasters was one of the best things I ever did for myself.” Right then I knew I had a chance to interview.

The day of my formal interview, I was climbing into my pantyhose, and they tore. So I grabbed the next pair, and … same result.

With an anxious glance at the clock, I grabbed yet another pair from the drawer. I managed to put on the third pair without mishap– then realized I was wearing them backwards. Oh well! At least they were on, and run-free.

At the interview I learned… Terry was willing to take a chance on hiring me.

And he revealed that I would not be hired as an employee, but as an independent contractor paid only for days that I conducted a training session.

My dreams of restored health insurance benefits and predictable cashflow disappeared in an instant.

Grateful for Terry’s willingness to give me a chance, I signed the contract and focused on preparing for my first class.

I didn’t own a computer. Neither did Bert. So how would I work my way through the exercises and plan my lessons effectively?

(to be continued…)

–Lynn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

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