Monthly Archives: March 2014

Could You Afford to Ignore It?

When we received the news about my husband’s parents, we quickly booked travel arrangements and left for Colorado. I used my database to mail 60 greeting cards announcing their passing; otherwise I ignored my business for nearly two weeks.

Things clicked along without me.

For example, 19 orders were requested by my personal client base– all fulfilled without my involvement. They continued to use the product and send it to people in their networks. My sponsor and his assistant willingly were available to coach my team. Customer Service handled calls from my clients.

And yes, the money generated from last month’s activities in my organization arrived like clockwork.

That’s the power of leveraged residual income, built in a network marketing vehicle.

If you had an emergency, could you afford to walk away from your job or traditional business on a moment’s notice? Would it still be thriving when you came back?