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What shape are the cannonballs?

Sometimes the technically-trained distributor will “overdesign” their marketing plan.

More detail than necessary.

More rehearsal than necessary.

Reading more books, attending more seminars, listening to more conference calls. (Not ready yet!)

My husband’s friend, Greg Brown, describes the paradox this way:
“Don’t make the cannonballs as round as they CAN be.
Just make them as round as they NEED to be.”

So, what triggers such people to “overprepare”?

I will discuss my observations in a future post!

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” ™

What’s your backup plan?

A technically-educated distributor will likely ask you this question.

In the world of engineering, the concept of “Critical Path” is important. The term refers to the activities (actions, deliveries, or shipments) by the company or its suppliers, that would halt the production of the product.

For example, a car can’t finish the assembly line process without tires. A submarine sandwich cannot be created without bread.

In some cases, a substitute can be used… another brand of compatible tire or a loaf of bread from another bakery in the case of that mom-and-pop independent restaurant.

But what if your direct sales company couldn’t substitute on a moment’s notice? (Some examples are: custom-made machinery can break, a single manufacturing plant makes your company’s unique product so you only have one source, ingredients come from a crop grown only in a certain country– and a drought would destroy the crop.)

Technical folks know these are important issues. Help them find the answers.

–LYnn Selwa, “The Rocket Science Coach” TM